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A Measureing System optimised for the special requirements of SMT production.

The CmController is a universal measuring system for the investigation of machine capabilities, tailored to the special features of SMT systems. Its use enables the analysis and optimization of the accuracy behavior of the manufacturing process and the early identification of error causes. The results obtained in this way facilitate the planning of new products, the introduction of new technologies and help with investment decisions. Furthermore, the verification of machine capability is an important part of audits.



Measurment and Analysis of Placement Force. 

CeTaQ GmbH has developed a measuring system for the determination of placement forces under real process conditions. This makes it possible to detect weak points at an early stage and prevent component damage during assembly. With only one measurement, the force and energy input of each individual nozzle cell is known. This enables maintenance, repair or optimization measures to be carried out in a targeted manner if necessary.



Measurement of the force-time curve during printing.

The first process step in the production of electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs) is printing. Solder paste is printed on the printed circuit board by means of a stencil. The quality of the paste print has a decisive influence on the overall quality of the finished printed circuit board. An important influencing factor is the accuracy and reproducibility of the squeegee force.


3D SPI Reference Bord

3D Measuring Plate for SPI Verfication

Efficient and cost-effective surface mounting (SMT) requires a high degree of process know-how. The first process step, solder paste printing, is generally considered crucial for product quality. On the one hand, a precise paste application lays the foundation stone for the soldering joint. On the other hand, any errors that have been found can be corrected relatively inexpensively. Accordingly, automatic inspection systems for paste application (SPI Solder Paste Inspection) are very popular. These systems provide measurement values of relevant process parameters of the soldering paste printing. In general, these are: x-, y-positions, height, volume and area of the transferred depots. The information can be used on the one hand for direct process control and on the other hand also for evaluating the processability of the products. The knowledge of this enables a targeted work on fault centres and thus an improvement of the production quality. The reliable extraction of process-relevant data is also interesting under the slogan "Industry 4.


Measuring Board & Component

Glass reference and measurement standards

Our designed high accuracy glass component and glass plate are designed in such a way that an SMT production line can process them like a printed circuit board and the CmContrller can automatically measure the finished product.


Laser Board

Measuring Board for Laser Labeling Machine

The determination of the machine capability of SMT equipment requires the use of high-precision measuring boards. These must not only have the typical characteristics of real products, but also enable accurate measurement.