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Relax, take it easy – your assemblies
are in good hands with VarioGrid®

The implementation of the innovative VarioGrid® assembly support system eliminates programming time from individual tooling set-up in printing and placement applications and therefore minimizes common machi- ne down time. The VarioGrid® support system will also eliminate rework due to misplacement of conventional support tools. This results in increased quality as well as throughput and productivity, thus leading to higher cost efficiency for each SMT production line.



We define performance verifiably new. Efficiency x durability x reliability

Functional: organic origin. Constructive: synthetic optimization. Both perfectly combined provide an ideal performance of the two dimensions – simple and reliable operation at highest, technical production requirements. By using specially developed polymer cones (discharging), the new SoftCone cushion base is at a maximum degree displacement friendly and three-dimensionally (selective and plane) area steady and self resetting. It eliminates highly effective unwel- come vibrations for all types of printed circuit boards (residue-free) and is by design, ESD compliant and magnetically fixed.



Our contribution to minimalism:
Aesthetically controversial. But technically brilliant

In case of mini-max-solutions, nature is ahead since primeval times: flexible backing fiber constructions help millions of organ- isms to optimal process safety. The trick: Simple, functionsafe, efficient. Based on this evolution principle works our FiberFlex backing tool. It is self reversing and three- dimensionally flexible. So it fits optimal to every equipped relief. With the help of homogene supporting function it eliminates bothering vibrations in large scale – even at filigree PCB ́s. The use in assembly systems is as easy as playing building brick: place
wherever you want, ready.
Magnetically fixed. ESD conform